I paid $19.99 for My Express three weeks ago.

So far the only real problems I’ve had were the huge ear plugs that came with it. I managed to pay $24.00 for a higher quality set though!?$!?

and just yesterday i paid $24.00 for a 2gb micro card. Did I mention that the original price for the Express was $59.99?

I’m now at 300 WMA & 23 MP3 songs & counting.

4 days ago I received the latest ( hopefully not the last ) Firmware update.

I formatted the micro card to FAT32 (this seems to keep file transfer errors at bay on My XP pro/sp3 O.S.) 

I cant complain about it too much because all of the glicks were fixable.

Here are some Tips I’ve discovered:

Use Lame XP Encoder to create MP3 songs as well as create playlists!

Use Audacity to record/filter/re-mix songs from TV, Vinyl, Cassettes,DVDs, Anything(audacity automatically uses the Lame encoder to create an MP3.)

After uploading songs to Your player, copy them all to multiple FREE file storage sites so You can enjoy the extra memory on Your hard Drive.

 Buy hook & Loop (Velcro) to apply to the sides & back(this keeps the - + buttons recessed enough so they can’t be pushed accidentally) or just wrap the whole thing for a makeshift protected case!  

Thanks to all of You for taking the time to write the tips that helped me so far. Thanks!