TIP: Sansa clip+ will NOT recognize "ZIP file " live chat line helped me a great deal!!!

i was very frustrated trying to add audiobooks to my player.

i did everyting the instructions said. but the folders kept showing [EMPTY].

i called their live chat line and a person scehduled a live chat with me.  after a few confusing minutes of ME

not being that computer savvy i found out  i needed to right click on “EXTRACT” first.

you CAN NOT drag and drop ZIP files.  the sanza does not recognize zip files.

i HIGHLY RECOMMEND calling them if you are having troubles.  :wink:


yes its true that the clip + player will not recognize .zip files. you can also see all the supported filetypes here: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/89/kw/clip%20%2B

But its great that you found a solution with the support.