Tip of headphone plug got stuck in the audio jack... =(

Hello everybody.

As the title says there’s a part of the headphone plug stuck in the audio jack of my beloved Fuze. I wasn’t poking it or anything, it just didn’t get in the right way, so I took it out gently, without forcing it at all, but the tip stayed inside. Now, I did a small research and it seems like this happens to a lot of people, but as I don’t like taking risks including glue and stuff (someone even suggested something like putting a hot needle inside and letting it melt the part that’s stuck to get them both out, but that would only happen over my dead body). 

So, my Fuze is going to repair, but not Sansa repair, because I don’t think they have anything like that in my country. My question is mainly if it can be opened at all, and if it can - would it be easy to take out the broken part and put it together?

I would appreciate any feedback really. 

Thanks in advance.

I personally have never tried to take it apart for two of many reasons - Many who try never get it back together again (like Humpty Dumpty),and I’ve never had a reason to.

There are very small plastic clips which break easily, meaning that if you break them, it won’t go back together without of a little of what holds this universe we live in together:  Duct tape, I guess.  It also will probably not go back together exactly how it was before.  Things tend to do that.

It’s a mess, so I wouldn’t try it, but if you insist, here’s ABI’s disassembly of it.  Be careful if you do.

Thanks alot for your response.

I never even thought about opening it myself,  my mom took it to the shop we bought it from, so I hope they know what they are doing, 'cause they’re supposed to be like prefessionals, right? Even if they don’t specialize in Sansas and stuff…

Anyway, they told us how muh it’s gonna cost to repair, so my guess is they can fix it…

Now that I look back at this, may be writing here was kind of pointless, and I apologize for that, I wasn’t quite myself yesterday. 

Man, such crappy luck!!

Extracting the broken tip of that plug is possible if the Fuze is opened up, then the cover of the jack assembly is lifted off gently.  There are countless “garden variety” headphones out there, but we’ve been lucky in that I’ve yet to hear of another occurence of this failure.

It’s a shame, since the fuze itself has no problem, just the headset plug came apart. The e200 v2 model jack has a removable cover.  Hopefully, they can access the internals on your Fuze’s jack.

Bob  :dizzy_face: