Tip - how to avoid "Refreshing your media" when just recharging

I find it annoying that when all I want to do is recharge the battery, after I disconnect the Fuze I get the “refreshing …” message and I have lost my place in the playlist.  What I discovered is that if I have the Fuze on (& paused) when I connect it , then when I disconnect it, it doesn’t refresh and it’s right where I paused it.  Except if I access the Fuze via Windows, then it does the refresh, etc.


Context: 4GB internal + 4GB card; V01.02.28A

Good tip! :smiley:

I’m sure many will find it useful.

Thanks a bunch.  Although I typically charge via AC adapter so I can still listen while charging, occasionally I need to charge from my computer at work.  I *just* verified this works for the Clip+! 

Nice tip.

Another method is to switch to Rockbox, it does not refresh its database unless you manually do it or you set it to. (The folder view is simpler, in my opinion)

I do a lot of DRM audiobooks through the library.  From what I’ve read, it sounds like that’s a good reason *not* to switch to Rockbox.  It kills DRM ability.  (Correct?  I saw that mentioned once, and I really didn’t look into it further.)