tip for go list

I started rating everything on my go list, and go list only, a 5 rating. That way if something happens to it I still have my ratings. I also would sometimes delete something from my go list that has the 5 rating if I don’t want to hear it as much.

This paid off the other day when I updated my fuze to the new update. It wiped out my go list! I still have the same songs on my ratings though.

So in a sense, you have 2 go lists, your go list, and your top rated list. You can select “top rated” as one of your music choices. I don’t need to rate each song, I already know if I like them or not. And you can only select top rated so it makes no sense to give a song anything less than a 5 (a 4 might work, I’m not sure)

My go list is a subset of my top rated, I am currently listening to it now and trying to remember to put each one back in my go list! You could have them completly differant though.

Maybe everyone else does this, I just figured it out rather recently though. Does anyone really give a song a 1 or 2 star though?