Timex Sansa dock problem

The Timex clockradio dock for Sansa works except for the Timex “locks up” when my Sansa Connect automatically turns itself off (or whatever it does after no activity for awhile)  I like to go to sleep with music playing and when I wake up in the morning my Timex will have “locked up” at 4 am or so…at first I thought it was the Wifi so I put the Sansa Connect in Flight mode and that didn’t help.  The controls on the Timex also will not pause the Sansa connect and the forward and back track controls don’t work…When I dock the Sansa Connect it plays and charges and I like the Timex dock enough I wonder if the answer is for me to buy another Sansa…anyone know if these problems only occur with the Sansa Connect and if any of the other Sansas don’t have the automatic turn off feature… if you try to use the controls on the Sansa Connect while it is docked that also locks up the Timex clock…when one playlist ends you can’t start another playlist without etc without locking up the Timex…

 I looked at Timexaudio.com and found out clockradio for Sansa works with series e and series c…it doesn’t mention the connect…the box and instrutions all just said Sansa

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I would say the Timex clock/radio is not compatible with the Sansa Connect. I haven’t tested it.

The Sansa Connect has different usage on a couple pins than other Sansa players due to power charging requirements.

This makes it unique and not fully compatible with several base stations.

You need to ensure the base station manufacturer specifically states it supports the Sansa Connect.