Time to play taps?

I have a 2 or 3 year old  8GB Fuze and after listening to it all day, the recharge battery screen came on, powered the player down, restarted itself, gave the charge screen again and then went dead.  Now it will not charge or turn on at all.   Is there a way to check or replace the battery?  It has been a great, dependable unit and I hate to lose it, but l think it might be time to get a new one.  Any suggestions?

If you are determined enough, you can change the battery. Getting a replacement battery at a low price may not be easy. Opening the player, replacing the battery, and closing it properly without damaging it is not so easy. Some have done it, however it was a big hassle. I think they just wanted to do it as a challenge. It seems much easier just to get a new or refurbished player. A 2GB Clip+ is only $30 new. That might make the most sense.

Get a 16GB or 32GB card to put in it(if you don’t have one already). Hopefully at the end of August Sandisk will have a great new Fuze player.

I take it you’ve already tired the reset procedure with no change?

I think it’s time to replace the battery here. 2-3 years well exceeds its lifespan.