Time to buy and try out a small headphone amp? Great deals on FiiO E3 and E5 portable amplifiers

Recently saw great deals on the E3 and E5 FiiO portable headphone amplifiers, at dealextreme.com and mp4nation.net.

For those unfamiliar with the amps, they increase the volume from players like the Clip a bit (perhaps 10-15%?), but even more importantly, perceivably enhance the depth/richness and clarity of the sound, to my ears by about 10-20%.  All in a small form factor.  If you have been curious about portable amps, these are good units to check out, especially given their low prices (which does not reflect any lack of quality–you will be amazed).

Dealextreme.com currently has the pricing edge on the E3, and MP4 Nation on the E5–prices at the 2 stores currently are under $7 and $8 for the E3 model and around $19 for the E5 (note:  this includes international shipping from Hong Kong (where the sellers are located), no less; about 2 or 2-1/2 weeks to the U.S., for example).  These are great prices–the E5 is new (it only issued out in December) and its price has come down already.


The E5 model has some enhancements that especially makes it a handy companion to the Clip, adding to the earlier E3 model by including a handy clip of its own as well as power, volume and bass enhance buttons, and using a USB rechargeable internal battery.