Time periods between titles during random play

dear fellows, 

would one know if and how to adjust the time periods between thr titles during random play? in my opinion - and compared to other players - the time gap is extremly long until the next title starts…   sometimes up to 9-10 seconds!? but min 5-6 seconds.

My previous player took about 2-3 seconds to start the next title.

Many thanks in advance for your help…   papillion33

P.S. i’ve just refreshed the firmware to the latest release (sansa fuze 02.03.33)

My guess is that it’s ID3 tag-related. There’s something in (or about) the tags that’s is taking a while for the player to read before starting to play the file.

You shouldn’t have more than a second between tracks. In fact, much less. What type of files are they (mp3, flac, ogg, etc.)? Do you have humongous album art embedded in the files?  Are the Comments field loaded with garbage? Any foreign or strange characters? Excessively long titles (like in classical music)? Tag format set to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1?

You can check all of this (and edit) the tags with a great piece of free software, MP3Tag.