Time limit per music file?

I am having a problem with long music tracks on my clip sport.

Tracks that the Clip Sport skips are over 17minutes in length - they are AAC (mp4) files ripped at 276kbs.

I dragged the albums over by folder - the other tracks in the same folder play fine. I have a few tracks affected this way, not just one.

Would ripping the tracks at a lower bit rate help, or am I restricted to a certain time limit.

Longer AAC files are indeed problematic with Sansa players that support this format. You may wnat to consider converting them to mp3.

Thanks, I will experiment with different file formats.

Sandisk players seem to be optimized for playing mp3 files. Why use other formats on them?

Parsing long AAC files requires a lot of RAM, which the Sport has very little of. At some point you’ll run out and the file can’t be opened.