Time for a law suit?

For some of us, our Sansa Connects are still under warranty. The store I purchased mine will not give me a refund, but I feel that losing the wireless capabilities completely removes the core reason I purchased my sansa connect.

I feel that because they are removing a feature that is, in fact, a major feature that gives it a competitive edge on other players in the market, I think we could have a pretty good case in court.

Granted, I’d rather get Sandisk support to fix this, but they have been unwilling. One promised me a refund- gave me a case number, and then I called back with my info, and they told me they had no idea what I’m talking about, but there are no refunds available.

In my opinion, it’s stuff like this that companies shouldn’t get away with. Support your product, or do the right thing.

I bought 2 in December, so I got 8 months of connect…and now it is just a mp3 player.

I just started researching this, but I must agree that Sansa should do something to make this right.

Amen, Brother!  If you hear of one, please let me know - I bought 2 of them for m kids and I’m very upset about this.

i agree completely… problem is we wouldnt have a chance at a lawsuit. i still think the player is great and i have gotten over the fact… oh well, i got a year of wifi… still cool

Not addressing the subject of this thread, but …

You still have the WiFi, it’s just limited to streaming Launchcast [Plus] stations and Flickr photos.  No downloading.