Time Bug + Solution

Ok so I think I figured out what the problem was with my Fuze+ not keeping the time after a restart.

I’m still not sure if this is related to any battery drain (when off) issues.

Anyway I decided to do some testing with MTP and cover art sizes, normally I manually put albums on

or sometimes I use Winamp but the art transferred with Winamp in MTP mode is too small (empty white space on the player)


I wanted to see if Windows Media Player (Win 7) would transfer the same size art and it was different

than winamp for some reason the transferred art covers the area with no white gaps unlike winamp.

They do seem to be stretched though / lower quality.

Normally I transfer images @ 555x555px - 72dpi - .jpeg max profile with no color edge sharpening and no smoothing.

So I can tell when the cover art looks like ■■■■ on my player easily. And I have any and all software on my PC disabled for auto downloading Tags/Art… I prefer to aquire my own art rather than the crappy garbage that will get auto downloaded from programs such as Windows Media Player.

Ok so I guess I got side tracked lol

Prob don’t matter because this place seems pretty dead, its rare I get a reply at all to any posts lol

So what I think fixed the issue for me (the Time bug)

was when I loaded WMP and then plugged in my player I immediately got a WMP pop up

asking me if I wanted to sync my clock online for DRM/Media rights reasons.

I said yes and did some rebooting over the last couple hours and the clock now works perfect.

I should add that when i clicked yes nothing really seemed to happen and my clock was still wrong.

I gave it a minute, then set the clock and rebooted.

Somebody should put a note on the box mentioning you need to load Windows Media Player

if you want your Fuze+ to function properly… And that there is virtually no support for this thing.

It seems I have to find and fix and share any bug I come across and no RMA’s are not a

sensible or practical catch all solution to all problems… Kinda strange also that out of all the discussions nobody

mentioned the hey ya wanna set your clock pop up lol

that pop up doesn’t happen on XP/WMP11.

I fixed mine a different way but now my battery is draining like is a barrel of water with it’s bottom cut off. 10% loss every 24 hours when not used more when used. Sandisk is currently “waiting on RMA approval.”

Have you at any time had WMP running while plugging in your pmp ?

Because WMP is tied to the Windows Media Framework so what OS won’t matter

I tried what you were suggesting(in the firmware topic) a million times and it did nothing.

I think its a bit too much of a coincedence that i plug in the Fuze+

One single time with WMP running and bingo solved right there.

I bet it has something to do with the MTP / WMP framework

And like i said that pop up i mentioned didn’t do anything (it didnt set the time for me)

I take it but your reply that you have used xp/wmp 11 and you do not have the time bug so…

I just may be right ?

Also i avoid WMP at all costs… its just awfull !

Anyways like i said earlier other than loading WMP with my Fuze i have NOT done anything else different

so how can my problem be solved at that exact point in time ?

And yeah its still fixed …prob 20 or so reboots since and no problems anymore :slight_smile:

No idea about the battery issue though …havn’t been paying attention

I have yes. I use WMP to sync and play my music. Set to MTP mode for Fuze+

I juts hope my RMA gets approved the battery is really annoying me.

You sent it in eh ?

Good luck

going to tomorrow RMA was just approved.

Good luck?

I can’t seem to figure out those popups. I have gotten them before under Windows Vista, but can’t seem to get them very often. In fact, they seem to only appear when they want to. Sometimes it asks me to update my clock, sometimes it wants to skip straight to setting up music synchronization.

I can’t help on that I don’t use syncing of any kind in media player.

were you trying trying to fix the time bug issue ?

If so I think what I did was Reformat, reset settings and reload firmware

basically trying to make it stock as best as I could then turned on WMP 11 (Win 7)

And then I plugged in the Fuze+ one time and I haven’t done it since either.

I know what you mean by that box comes up randomly im not sure exactly what triggers it

and also I checked the time right after clicking on YES and the time was NOT changed

But I rebooted my device and reset the clock and all was good …and STILL is :slight_smile:

The box only sets the time on a few players that support that API. (zune mainly)

I wouldn’t be so so sure about that…

Read up on the Windows Media Framework and the MTP API (Media Transfer Protocol)

UNless your connecting through MSC mode you ARE using the WMP Framework.

I’m using W7 with latest wmp and I can’t get that popup either and Im using the MTP protocol for sure.

But if I have to be honest what troubles me more is the battery drainign issue which is unbelievable!

sanbro contact suppot about the vampire drain issue thye let me send mine in and I’m getting it replaced.

how long does it take for the the all process? I’m not sure it’s an hardware problem, but as always their firmware’s fault

not long. I sent mine in Monday last week and It’s shipping this Monday. Battery couldn’t be firmware. But think what you will. I’ll confirm when I get mine back ok?

ok thanks, did you pay to ship it or they covered everything?

I contacted them :slight_smile: anyway if you read the forums there are a lot of people with battery draining issue

they are coving the whole shipping as long as you use thier UPS tag.

I think the clock workaround really worked :expressionless:

I didnt get the popup but since I just opened WMP (never did with fuze+) now the time is kept!

Thank you!

it’s weird how I had the time bug and always used WMP11 but for those who didn’t when they do it fixes it for them.

EDIT FOR Sandro: RMA still hasn’t left thier facility. I’m starting to get a bit mad at them. Recived mine on 10-17 Est ship date was 10-18 then was told it was yesterday. I might be without it for a total 6-7hour car trip on Thursday. (annoying)

EDIT2 for sandro:

Called yesterday was told a shipping labal wasn’t created yet! Lady made one for me and it shipped last night. Gonna be without it on Thursday, but should be here Friday. Very annoyed.

EDIT3 for sandro: Finally arrived last night. Gonna put a screen protector on and load my music on it sometime today.