ticking noise on long tracks

I have a Sansa Fuze 8GB.  On some long tracks, especially Rhapsody subscription tracks transferred to the Sansa, a ticking or clicking noise, about 2 clicks/second, starts to appear about 12 min. into the track.  It gets louder and more insistent.    At 15 min. the track is unlistenable.  I have found that if I hit any button on the Sansa (like the center button), the noise goes away from about 15 seconds, then comes back again.  Also, the tracks play through fine on my PC.  Therefore I suspect this is a problem with the Sansa.  Any idea what’s wrong?  BTW the firmware is V01.01.11A.


  • bill.

It will get fixed in a firmware update.


This is a problem with the WMDRM tracks as from Rhapsody, Napster, or from Windows Media Player if copy protection is enabled.  The processor is having issues with the longer tracks, related to file size.

I’ve been working with this issue on the sister machine, the e280v2, with the same processor.

As an interesting workaround, if the Rhapsody / WMDRM track is loaded onto the µSD card on the v2 , I can listen to a quiet track! 

Hopefully, this will be solved on both machines.  Listening to classical, long tracks are quite common.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: