Three things: tags and formats, diacritics sorting, plugged use

Good evening, :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Clip Plus for more than one year and a half now, and I really like it. I mean, really. It is probably the best audio player that I’ve tested, for more reasons that I can write there. But you know that.

However, here’s three issues that could improve it. Two of them are simply bugs, the other one is a suggestion.

One: Tags and Formats

When you have, say, two albums of the same artist, but in a different file format, one in MP3 and one in Vorbis, for instance, they are sorted in Artists as two different artists, while the name is exactly the same.

Two: Diacritics Sorting

When a name (artist, album, song) begins by a diacritic, like É, it happens to be sorted at the end of the list, and not alphabetically. For instance, Émilie Simon is after my Z artists and not with other E artists. É-È-Ê should be treated exactly like E, À like A, Ç like C and so on.

Three: Plugged Use

You listening to your music. And suddenly, no more battery. No problem, you plug it to your computer, and the Clip is charging. In fact, a problem remains: you can’t listen to your music while it’s plugged! The solution would be to allow pressing a button or something to quit the file transfert mode while remaining plugged. In this way, all functions of the Clip would be available, exactly like when you charge it with an AC-USB adapter!

Bonus: Chanson

In the French translations of the Clip Plus firmware, Song is translated by Chanson. That’s fine… but that doesn’t always work. Chanson is really only and uniquely for music where someone is singing, with lyrics and all that. I listen a lot to instrumental only musics, and that is weird to use this word for this. The one to use is Morceau. (a song: un morceau/some songs: des morceaux)

Thank you for your attention,



Great observations, thoughts and suggestions!  You might want to add your comments to the separate improvements thread, to make sure they are seen.

One thing to note:  if you’d like to play your Clip while it is charging, you can charge it via a wall outlet–the player is still playable then.  Likewise, you can use a charge only USB cable with your computer (or some people have used bits of paper to block the data pins of a “normal” charge/data USB cable, or have been able to insert a USB cable lightly into the computer port).