"This track type is not compatible with your portable device."

I went to brighton beach and bought a Russian audiobook, basically just a bunch of mp3 files with the id3 tags all in cyrillic.  When I try to make playlists on my external flash drive by creating a playlist and dragging it over, I get this message “This track type is not compatible with your portable device.”  The playlist gets created but it’s empty.  Track type is “imported” which should not be a problem.  For some of the files there’s cyrillic in the actual file name but for other’s it’s just numbers and shouldn’t be a problem.  So I’m wondering what’s going on and how do I fix it?  Can’t use media player, media center has taken over my computer and won’t let me open media player.  Might try uninstalling media center and spending five hours trying that but if I can fix it from rhapsody I’d prefer that since otherwise it seems to be working fine.