THis one is needed...

I had my View (16 gig) on “screen always on” but have recently changed it to go dark after 1 minute.

When I exit my car, however, how will I know if the unit is “ON” or “Off?”

The suggestion is a small light on the player that stays lit even when your screen goes dark to show the unit is still ON.

Without this, I could exit my car when it is still on (but dark) and it could stay on for days without me knowing.

This is in addtion to the frustration regarding the view’s TRUE OFF.

The manual says hold it for 2 sec to tun off, but later explains the shut down is when it is held for 10 seconds.  I always thought shut down and off were the same.

After reading posts here it seems the 2 seconds and the “goodbye” that appears is not a real OFF.  This is rediculous.  Who is going to hold it for 10 sec each time you want to shut the player off for real?

just my 2 cents.

I don’t have a View so I do not know much about the difference between true off and suspended off for that device. But just to reply to your comment, most portable devices shut down all of the screen and light activity to save power and extend the battery life as long as possible between charges. A suspend mode for the device is nice because it can power on quickly, but it is bad b/c it drains power while it is perceptively off. My PSP does this when I don’t hold the off switch for more than 1 second. I remember complaints about this with the Zen Micro and I agree that you should at least have a choice in the settings to leave the player in suspended mode or “True Off”, but I disagree with the light addition.

If you leave your player turned on, it will shut itself off within one or two minutes automatically. If you were playing music from the player, I think you would recognize this before you leave the car, unless you are using it in a different way? Maybe you have it plugged into the cigarette lighter port?

Basically I always tackle this problem in one of two ways. I either turn my Sansa e280R off before exiting the car, or I just pause the track. Pausing is the same as idle for the e280R so it will automatically shut itself off after a minute. Hopefully this suggstion will make you a little happier while waiting for Sansa to add an “on light”.

I have been holding the switch until I see the “goodbye”.  Where does it say to hold it longer?  How do I know it is really “off”?  Is there a length of time from when I put it in goodbye mode to where it switches to the full off?

I updated my firmware on my Sansa Connect and now it says that it is going to sleep, and if you keep holding the power button (not very long - 3 to 5 seconds max) then it says shutting down - so with the new updated firmware, it is much clearer as to what you are doing in regards to powering off the Connect.  (this may or may not be true with the other “versions”?!)