This might seem a little bit pushy...

ok. I Love the Sansa clip and all that, but I miss the alarm clock I had with another Mp3 player that I lost. Is there some macro or program I could install onto it so that it would play music to wake me up?

thanks in advance!

  --Zoom Zoom

oh I guess it could also be in a firmware update too.

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I second your request!

Unfortunately, the answer is no …

However, if the Rockbox alternative firmware ultimately comes to the Clip, it may be possible.  You can check it out at

You would have to put your earphones on your ear all night for this to even happen. :smileyvery-happy:

Unless you are connected to a dock with its own speakers or the likes. :wink:

Yeah, rockbox does add in spunk to your Sansa. Better check there for such upgrades/enhancements if they come up with one for the clip.