This is so screwed up

Dear San Disk: Thanks for screwing up a great music player that was superior to an Ipod. Your touch sensitive controls are hard to navigate and often overshoot the intended destination or never seem to find its way there. The inability to download a “playlist” created by me on a computer, INTACT with ALL my selections is nil. It seems out of the 410 songs under “Rockers” you only allow me 178, and even then YOU REPEAT 15 of them. Your videos on your site are for the MIT geek ,not an everyday normal person to decipher. You can cure this by going back to the model you had 3 years ago, restore the wheel control selection,allow all my downloads to DOWNLOAD" . The external chip? How about making it also user friendly to download to. For $55.00 I thought I was getting a good product. If I wanted a high tech doorstop,I would have gone to Home Depot.