This Is Rich!

Was over at the ABI forums a short time ago. If you don’t know about it, ABI stands for A nything But I-Pods, and it’s a multi-board forum covering just about anything and everything other than the you-know-what.

They have banner ads at the top of all the pages, like just about all forums do, including this one. Theirs are rotating though, so usually on every page you have a different one pop up. Usually I just ignore them and am scrolling down the page as soon as it’s loaded on my screen.

However, as I scrolled up this one page intending to log out, this particular ad caught my attention. I wish I could link to it for you guys (& gals), but as I said, their banner ads rotate. Anyway, what I saw was a ‘jaw-dropper’! I though I was still asleep & dreaming!

An ad for the I-pod Touch!

Can you believe it? You can discuss anything but the Pod on this forum, but they have no problem in selling ad space to Apple, so you are still exposed to it.

I realize that current economic times are tough, and people & businesses are trying to get a buck wherever they can, but this? On one hand, I find it deliciously ironic and funny; on the other hand it is just plain wrong!

Try the link above and hang out there a while going to different pages and see if it comes up for you. :dizzy_face:

You are correct…I also see that over there. I have another example in the same vein for you. The Head-Fi forums(I am not a member, just browse there) , the members there routinely post unfavorable, to say the least, opinions on SkullCandy’s earphones…yet there are tons of ads for them lately in the borders there. They have even devoted whole threads to  the issue. I’m sure more than one person at each site has pulled a over these occurrences.

Ads like that are usually “targeted” (based on what’s discussed), not actually chosen by the site. Naturally, iPods are going to be mentioned (disparagingly, for comparison, whatever) from time to time even on a forum devoted to “anything but iPods”, so the ad server will occasionally post an ad for iPods.

'Ya gotta admit though, it’s pretty darn funny! :smileyvery-happy: