Gentle reminder that this forum is for the CLASSIC clip; you CLIP+ users have your own forum a couple clicks away.

For classic clip folks, I propose we keep this public service announcement subject header near the top… by periodically replying here with some helpful thing you have learned from long use.

  1. To distinguish left from right earbud in the dark, I put a tiny fragment of twist tie (tape would work too) on the base on my left wire. This is not to get the “true” stereo oriented right, which I don’t care about at all. Rather it is because the earbud is asymmetrically designed to channel the sound into the bend of each ear canal, which I found when the foam pad fell off once and I could tell the difference by following the L vs R labels.
  1. You may hate this tip, but sometimes I put music in the podcast directory. Yes, it plays kind of weird in that resume mode, but it can segregate music out of the main grab bag that is accessed by a “play all”. Sometimes your tags are missing (not so easy to clean up on a mac) so that you can’t segregate music out by genre or whatever - so use the brute force of podcast directory!

(don’t like it? then add a tip of your own!)