This Ain't No Doll!

It’s the Steve Jobs Action Figure . . .

The12-inch figure, which will be sold by in icons, is set to ship next month and will retail for an Apple-like premium of $99.99. But you get quite a lot of detail for your Benjamin. The figure features Jobs’s “uniform” of blue jeans, black mock turtleneck, and running shoes. The figure’s face has glasses, realistic facial stubble, and the unmistakable male pattern baldness.

According to the site’s product page, the figure comes with these features:

  • One realistic, sculpted head and two pairs of glasses.
  • One highly articulated body and three pairs of hands.
  • One black turtleneck and one pair of blue jeans.
  • One black leather belt and one chair (wood + metal).
  • One pair of black socks and sneaker(s).
  • Two apples (one with a bite).
  • One piece of “ONE MORE THING” hard backdrop.

However, the Next Web predicts this unauthorized Steve Jobs action figure will get the kibosh before it goes on sale in February.