Thinking of purchasing an MP3 player (rather than use phone) - Player Software is ULTRA IMPORTANT.


I’m looking to use a dedicated MP3 player rather than my phone’s MP3 player - for ONE reason ONLY; The player’s software.

Most often I’m using my phone to listen to audio books / lectures etc on my player.  At times I might not understand a point, so I want to go back A BIT in order to relisten to a part or section - in other words I want to be able to scroll back to an earlier position in an MP3.

This is currently not possible with my phone’s playback software.  With my phone, all I can do is play / pause / go to start / go to end.

I want to be able to SCROLL / SCRUB through a track to a point I wish to carry on from.  

Is this POSSIBLE with the San Disk Sansa ??

If not, any suggestions ??

Thanks for any assistance.


Yes, you can scroll back.  However, this is without sound, although there is a progress bar with seconds that you can use.

Thanks Miikerman,

I used my brain after posting and did a search, duh !

No sound is fine as I suspect it’s designed like that to save batteries perhaps.  

I’ve already ordered on off Amazon (£39, wow !!!) and already feel it’ll more than fit the bill for what I need it for.

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Cool! I’m actually a big proponent of ff and rew with sound–it’s very difficult without that, in reviewing musical passages, etc. But, alas, the tide is against that (even as an option).