Thinking about buying

ive been thinking about buying the sansa connect…but somethings i dont know if, can you hook it up to ur cars Mp3 port and play the yahoo music to go service through the cars speakers?? and also if you buy any music off of yahoo u do get to keep it dont ya?..but also been thinking should i hold off and wait and see what like the new zune and all do

Message Edited by Stick1968 on 09-03-2007 12:40 PM

I have a 10 year old car but assuming that an mp3 port is a jack that takes a standard mini-jack male connection then, yes, you can use the Connect in your car.  You won’t be able to stream Yahoo’s radio service in your car (unless you have some sort of wifi setup in it) but you will be able to play the mp3’s that you have either downloaded or purchased.  Yahoo, like many other subscription services, have both a “borrow” service and a “purchase” (0.79 if you’re a member) service.  If you are only borrowing mp3s, you don’t own them once you opt out of their service.