Things that could be improved

For starters, active work on updates. Customers should not have to be going into the nitty-gritty of coding. If you market a device, make sure you can provide regular updates to your products. I would think with a company like SanDisk, and its resources could put out a new update every so often. I just wonder what the developing team is doing right now. 

Software- Customers should not have to go to third party sources to get a reliable conversion software, such the Any-Video-Converter, to convert media. Updates on ‘improved features’ aren’t needed when you can’t convert something to begin with. If we need a codec,TELL us. 

New features-While I-Pod will invaribly at the forefront of the MP3 player field, it’s up to the develop team to ask US what we think would make THEIR devices better. 

I think it’s up to the user to process the music files themselves. Luckily majority is already in mp3. Codecs are constantly updated and there’s a lot of different versions of each one out there. In our digital age using a music player will require you to learn some things on your part, kind of like knowing how to burn a music CD.

There’s already plenty of converter programs out there - foobar2000, dbpoweramp, etc. If Sansa builds a converter program, people would probably throw any music file they have at it and pray it works - they’d be boggled down by support questions - Why can’t this convert? etc.

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