The Time Machine (FW Glitch)

Your Sansa Fuse Can go bac in time!, let me explan;

in the built in clock, the  lowest year you can set is 2006 (latest FW) but if you set the year to 2039(or later),

and exit the menu, when you return, the calender is set to January 1, 1970 12:00AM.

and the clock will be frozen. Well yea, you could go manually change the time back, but if you just leave it in the main screen

it will NEVER ADVANCE TO 12:01

also you you will be able to brows through the prevously “locked” years 1970-2005 (why you would want to do this, I don’t know)

but is is a cool thing to show off to friends.

+I discoverd this by accedent, Oh friend of mine, who loves changing the langue on my sana when I’m not looking , decided to mess with my clock. and he said “Ha ha” “I hade it 2050” and I said “it says 1970!?!?!” and so it all begain.


You’ve just discovered the famed 2038 bug, the cousin of the Y2K bug we spent so much time addressing in the 1990s.