the power button of clip plus is stuck inside, can no longer be pressed...

The power button of my sansa clip plus is stuck inside, can not be pressed or used. I bought it no long ago from a selling on ebay in the States. I live in Australia. How can I make a claim with sansa warranty?


In Australia call: +61280238777
M-F | 8am - 6pm New South Wales Time

or via webform.

Ask about RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization).

the number you gave me is dead…

what other number should I call?

Anyway I submitted a webform.

It’s the only phone number for Australia listed on their Contact Support page. If it’s dead, you might want to kick 'em to either remove or update it for your people.

I had the same problem. You have to ‘jump-start’ it. To jump-start it you have to use the USB to charge it (I learned if you plug into a Wii, it has to have a green or yellow light, not red.) take it off of the charge, and go to a song. But if that doesn’t work contact support and ask them. (I’m 12 so I don’t know much…)


My Clip+ power button started to stick, then finally stuck and would not power on.  I used contact cleaner to free it up again, works fine now.

(If you try using contact cleaner on the power switch, keep the cleaner solution away from the clip and clip mounting boss on the back of the unit.  I got mine wet with the contact cleaner by accident and it weakened the clip boss so much it broke off within an hour.  The contact cleaner spray can had a warning that it might damage certain plastics.  Now I am using a jury-rigged clip made with headphone cable clip and velcro to hold it on the unit.)