The perfect SanDisk player....

SanDisk, you have the ability to create a really good music & video player that will also bring really good profits.

The simplist player you can ever make is a video player that looks and feels like an iTouch.  The player should be able to use all different types of SanDisk CF cards, SD cards, and thumb drives.  The player should be able to use all sizes of cards and drives.  And should be able to handle all types of codecs.  Updating the software time after time will definately be a must.

Creating a player like this will create the “organized consumer”.  Consumer, “Look I have my country music on this SanDisk miniSD card.  My techno on my 200GB CF card.  And my YouTube videos on a Cruzer USB flash drive.”

You are running yourself into the ground with all these 2GB players.  Yes, I know you made a larger capacity digital player, but it still does not meet consumer demands.  Read the consumer comments for your Sansa View

Don’t miss this oppurtunity like Palm did in making an iPhone killer product.

I really look forward to your future.

David Antonio Martinez

do you realize

  1. that by adding CF, SD and USB support to a device there would be no way possible to keep the sleek look and feel of the touch.

  2. support for all types of codecs will never be available due to the licencing costs.

  3. there is no such thing as a 200GB CF card

  4. ipod touch only comes in capacities up to 32GB. currently the Sansa View comes in capacities up to 32GB and has an SDHC slot for SDHC cards of 8GB