the firmware update doesnt work in winxp64 bits

i have windows xp 64 bits the firmware updater simply says my os isnt suported , that realy ■■■■■ ,it should be fixed assap

Just update the firmware manually. It’s easy; detailed instructions are in the post with the link. And it takes less time than downloading & installing the Updater and then waiting on it to do it for you.

sure but ive tryed the update software on a 32bit machine and did like it 3 clicks and i was flashing a new firmware so , i realy tink they should correct this and make it compatible whith 64bits systems

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Sure this would be nice, but The thing of it is the updater is a PITA. It does nothing but bug you when you plug in. For the record my Vista Ultimate (64 bit) will install the updater and run it to bother me but wont work with the Fuze. I have come to apperciate the manual side of things.