The E260 Internal Clock


 I had an E260 bought for me back in November for Christmas, I opened it on Christmas and everything seemed to work fine, until 1/04/08, when i went to play my music it said i had to Synchronize my music to continue my subsciption(or something close). I took my E260 home and not knowing how to sync my music, I deleted it all and started to Resync all the music using WMP 11. The problem I am having is that when I hit start sync, the music can not be sync’ed because the internal clock is not set right. I have followed the directions to make sure the clock is automatically set when plugged in and have tried to reset it manually BUT nothing will change the clock. It either says Jan. 01. 1970 12am or Sept. 24. 2007. 12am  is there some way to fix this problem or will i need to exchange the Mp3? Please respond asap. Thank you.

Is this the E260 thread?