The Devolution Of Sandisk Players Has Come To A Head

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Wasn’t too happy with some of the issues on Clip Sport Go

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Maybe try a quick experiment with Playlists. These are “m3u” text files with a list of  audio files and their subfolder locations in the main Music folder. You can construct m3u files with several subfolders (better than simple Folder mode).

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Mods, feel free to remove this thread if you don’t want the sarcastic/negative spiel on here, no longer looking for any reassurance or solution.

Congratulations on discovering a solution that works for you.

Maybe take a look at this app (Fat Sorter 1.0.4 for Win PC) It works great for sorting the FAT after a file management session with your SanDisk player. This app really helps users who use Folder Mode. (Not necessary for Music Mode or Playlist Mode).