The Devolution Of Sandisk Players Has Come To A Head

OK, ok, ok… super long-term user of Sandisk MP3 players. Have always loved them. I accepted the backwards step from the old style clip players where the power button was moved from recessed on the top, to sitting proud of the front panel… and overrides the **bleep** button lock. Tolerable, but a mindboggling major impact on user experience.

Now I know there’s been a thread about this new issue on the ClipGo 32 - it’s an ice-age long, so can I refresh and see what’s up here, cos I’m absolutely flabberghasted. Can somebody please explain to me what in the absolute hells bells is happening where this player cannot order tracks in an album according to any of the universal tagging formats?

Don’t be coming at me with solutions involving changing how I catalogue my whole digital music collection. Absolutely out of the question to accomodate one device. 

What’s going on?

I repeat - track number tags not working is absolutely unacceptable. This is beyond oversight. This is SHOCKING!!! Sandisk Clips are about the only product I think I’ve ever shown loyalty to and I don’t think I’m going to come back again unless there’s a fix out there that I’ve missed. I might even ditch this one and essentially waste money on another.

I’m currently working around this by using folder view btw. Fortunately my spectrum-y self does format all my digital music filenames in a universal format including track number. It’s a massive pain in the ass to not be able to browse by band and GO from there. You should be done under the trades descriptions act for calling it that haha.

Maybe try a quick experiment with Playlists. These are “m3u” text files with a list of  audio files and their subfolder locations in the main Music folder. You can construct m3u files with several subfolders (better than simple Folder mode).

I think my response would be different according to whether you were an actual Sandisk person or a helpful forum user hah.

.m3u isnt a decent enough solution to go back to metadata media browsing, plus I’d have to create playlist files either for everything on my PC (NO), or make new playlist files ad hoc for everything I rotate into the player. Madness - no, no, no.

What I’ve done for now is spend hours making new artist folders for all the loose albums, and dragging/dropping the hundreds of records I have on there into its new parent folder. Ugh. Of course they’re in artists folders on my PC media drive but a) I’d have to wham entire discogs on the player and take up all the space, and b) it should never have mattered anyway. As long as the metadata is correct - which all of it is - the filenames could be written in binary, all dumped in the media folder loose, and I’d still be able to use metadata/“Music” browsing view with no issue and be able to see bands, their albums, and the tracks in order.

OK, fair enough, even though with the time it actually took to do this, I could have charged someone for a few hours’ work and earned what I paid for the flippin fudgin flappin thing.

Then - on remembering that the file/folder ordering system in folder view doesn’t integrate newly added media into any sort of order, just dumping it at the bottom - draged the whole ‘Music’ content into a new folder in root. Eject the player to allow it to re-read media. Reconnect it, drop it all back in the empty ‘Music’ folder. Force it to re-read it, and hey joy. It’s all in order, all there, looking pretty much like metadata browsing. I just know I’m going to have to muck about every next time I add something so I’m probably not going to bother cycling music on and off the thing. Which defeats the flipping point of owning it in my case, honestly…

Am I going on a bit? It’s kind of my point - this is all just a workaround to be able to browse my music without the constraints imposed by these NEW FEATURES. I can’t remember being this irritated and indignant about something so poxy from any product - but it’s not really, is it. It’s important to me to have decent music listening when I’m out. There’s obviously the issue of having paid for something that wasn’t worth it. Then It sucked ass to have to piss about every time I want to select new music while I was out and about and realise what was up with it. Then thinking about all the time it took to rip and tag my physical media etc. etc… 

whatevs, ordered something else anyway pretty much just out of some (admittedly aimless) sense of spite and principle, hah.

Mods, feel free to remove this thread if you don’t want the sarcastic/negative spiel on here, no longer looking for any reassurance or solution.

Congratulations on discovering a solution that works for you.

Maybe take a look at this app (Fat Sorter 1.0.4 for Win PC) It works great for sorting the FAT after a file management session with your SanDisk player. This app really helps users who use Folder Mode. (Not necessary for Music Mode or Playlist Mode).