The device has either stopped respondng or has been disconnected

I already solved this, but will post it for anyone having the same problem.

I just bought the Sansa Clip 2GB and hooked it up to the USB port to transfer some songs.

I don’t want to use any software like Windows Media Player or other, but just drag the files onto the player, like a flash memory stick.

I kept getting the message  “The device has either stopped respondng or has been disconnected”, and after setting the USB mode to MSC it would transfer a couple of files and then say the connection to the player was lost.

The problem turned out to be the cable. Since the player comes with a very short cable, I just used a longer one that I had already from an older mp3 player. Apparently it wasn’t properly compatible, even though it fit and seemed to work a little bit.

So if you get similar problems make sure you are using a new proper cable.