The computer is not recognizing or charging the player and battery is dead.

I have a black Sansa Fuze 4 GB and when I plug it into the computer it gives me the message that Windows does not recognize the USB thingy. I have Windows Vista.

The Sansa is absolutely dead it won’t even give me a second to try and change the settings to MSC. Can anyone help? I have an 8 hour plane ride in the morning and would like to have music. Thanks!

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I think plugging it in to your computer via USB will still charge it.  It sounds like you need to let it sit for a while and charge as the battery is completely drained.  If you have a wall charger, try that first.  

Borrow or buy a USB wall charger. Charge the player’s battery for a few hours. Turn on the player and  format it. Change the USB mode to MSC and copy your music to the player. If you can’t turn it on after a few hours of charging with a wall charger, then try connecting it to the pc. If it still won’t connect, and won’t turn on, if the player is less than a year old, contact Sandisk for a replacement.