The Case of the Disappearing .PLA Playlist Songs

Well, after the debacle of screwed-up ordering of my songs on my Fuze’s external microSD card, I decided to make .PLA playlists for everything in the order in which I want.  Easy enough, right click, “Create playlist,” voila!  Well, easy enough for my internal memory.  I made playlists for my songs on the microSD card, and they showed up just fine after disconnect.  But, when I reconnected, the microSD playlists were still there, but they were completely empty!  Can this be rectified?  I’d hate to have to keep filling those playlists every time I connect my Fuze to my computer.


I hate to be a bother to you guys, but like Princess Leia said, you’re my only hope…


Thanks and all the best.

It looks like I fixed it.  I just copied all of the microSD’s playlists into a directory I created on the external card.  I then copied what appears to be hidden .pla files each with the same name as their respecitve playlist files into the aforementioned created directory.  I unplugged the Fuze and the playlists were there.  I then plugged in the Fuze again, and although the tracks don’t show up in the playlists, when I disconnected, they were there and in order.


Don’t know why it works, but I’ll take it!


All the best.

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