the 1000 song limit....

Hello all-

     I was syncing quite a bit of music to my SE last night (with a 4GB SanDisk microSDHC card). After stuffing it with as many files as I could put on it, I put the remaining files that I wanted into the internal memory. With that done, it was unplugged and I waited for the “refresh database” to finish (I’m a patient person). It turns out that I had 1030 songs total on the SE under “System Info”. The display shows “xxx/000” while it is playing.

     Having read other posts regarding the 100 song limit, I was a bit weary about the SE bricking on me. But after using it on the morning drive to work without any problems, I think that the limit is arbitrary. Since there’s a 250-song capacity in the internal memory of the SE and a 1000-song capacity on the expansion card, that’s a tentative total of 1250 songs I can theoretically sync to it. I haven’t pushed it that far…yet. But I am curious to see what would happen.

     With all of that said, if you can deal with the display showing “xxx/000” while it is playing, more power to everyone. If any other developments arise, I’ll make sure to let everyone here know…


That’s not exactly what the 1000 song limit problem is.  There’s never been a problem with getting the player to recognise how many songs are on it (through the system info).  The problem is that it won’t play (to use your 1030 example) songs number 1000 - 1030 in your database. Those songs will be the last thirty songs alphabetically that you have stored (i.e. the tracks beginning z,y,x,w,… and so on).  If you try playing an album containing one of those songs it will just skip the track and move onto the next playable one.

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Many thanks for the clarification, darcy. Now I know that I have made a slight error in my post. Hopefully anyone else out there will take heed of darcy’s insight.