Thanksgiving Turkey?

Ah, it’s time to follow tradition and fire up the oven.  My wife is behind me, preparing the kitchen for battle.  With a little luck, you can enjoy a little time here while waiting to attack that bird later today…

Preparing for Thanksgiving is an adventure all in itself.  That is, unless you have the good fortune of not having to travel between dinner festivals, in-laws, guest appearances at those dinners that you don’t really need, since we’re eating everywhere we go.

Last year, I made my pilgrimage to the store, purchasing all those things in preparation for the mid-day munchies.  I did not notice that my wife had made a list of those last-minute requisites, ingredients omitted, or employed with the pre-Thanksgiving bird baked earlier in the week, since the deals on turkey make it convenient to enjoy one early.

I browsed the aisles, locating all those things that are a great part of being the man in the house: Doritos, mixed nuts, Cheetos (in various versions of course), Beer Nuts, cashews, Combos, Pretzels, Fritos, Ruffles, Swedish crisp bread, industrial blocks of aged cheddar, some smoked Gouda, one of those big cheese balls enveloped in nuts, and most importantly, Lil Smokies and  some barbecue sauce, as meaty treats are a guy thing.  I then wandered to the refrigerated locker for some lagers and pilsners, as I couldn’t decide which beer would be best with turkey.

As I arrived, my wife was upset that she couldn’t find the seasonings and other requisite supplies she had listed.

“Just what is all this stuff?” she asked, most obviously frustrated with the results of my sortie to the store.

"Why, this is all the trimmings, Honey! I replied, proud of the edible accoutrements surrounding me.  To this day, she warns my daughters to be careful when shopping with Daddy, lest he pick up “all the trimmings” again.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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@neutron_bob wrote:

 the pre-Thanksgiving bird baked earlier in the week, since the deals on turkey make it convenient to enjoy one early.



My usual strategy, if the big day is elsewhere, is to get a fresh one on clearance the day after Thanksgiving.  Bonus is all the crowds are at Black Friday sales instead of the supermarket.   This year I did go for an “earlybird” special.  I just couldn’t say “No” when a 15 pound turkey was the same price as a 4 pound chicken!

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