I’ve had no problems with my 250 for over 4 years, but this week my SD card had what looked like corruption on one album of songs - the very ones I needed to hear when I work out.  I tried so many things to fix it, but finally looked up this forum and found a wealth of information - problem solved (finally just reformatted the card), although I didn’t even know you could reformat an SD until reading the posts.

Thanks to all of you that put in so much time helping people.

You’re most welcome.  Occasionally, "cleaning out the cobwebs’ by reformatting the card or internal memory can solve those elusive issues.  It can seem like a real pain, having to reload the card afterward, but recurring glitches can be an even greater inconvenience.

I prefer to use Windows Media Player (gasp!) or Rhapsody to reload tracks en masse in these cases, as it’s a plug and play process.  With as many of these little guys as I have on hand, it’s the only way to fly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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