Seems to cover it.  I’ll repost if there’s more problems.

What worked? E200tool?

The Tango platform message means your firmware is severely messed up. So does the blue ring only. Since you already have Linux, you were a step ahead of most people who need this fix. 

Sorry I’m having little problems using the forums with Opera and Vista.  About my player problem here’s the thread:                                                                                     Excuse the formatting but I can’t get the cursor to start a new paragraph below.  It jumps above.  But I’m pretty sure that whatever passes for a partition table in the player or the maintenance/software partition is messed up.   Because I can access the mp3 files in linux and they mount where they usually do, but gparted ignores the device.  It didn’t use to, but now it don’t show it.                              What do you think?

When you reinstalled firmware it may have switched USB mode. You need to switch to MSC mode. Settings/System Settings/USB Mode.