Thank you Sandisk

Thank you SanDisk.

My 64GB micro sd card has entered protection mode and i did not lose my data, also you replaced the product by covering ups cargo fees and customs fees. You are the best.

protection mode?

Whats this protection mode?

My 64GB Ultra microsd card died without any warnings just died. Manufacturers say back up your stuff well my card was a back up card only used 10 times as it was only used to back up pictures. So CrapDisk what you going to do now? Are you going to pay to recover (my back up) card?

The protection mode refers to the “read only” mode when the controller detects an I/O error, that happens when the memory card is removed while it is in use, also Android failures cause the card to be ejected. To preserve the data, the memory protects itself by preventing the writing of corrupt data.