Packard Bell ENTV11HC-53234G50Mnks (Core i5/3230M/2600Mhz/4096Mb/15.6/GT710M/2Gb/W8.

Hello! Nice results!

I have a much lower speed, which can slow it?

My system configuration:

Msi gx60

A-10 5750M

r9 m290mx

hynix 4Gb

I install OS Win 8.1 on freedos notebook. 
It’s only OS, Microsoft office, Battlefield 4 and NFS: Rivals on my ssd…

What SATA chipset is in that computer? 

The PC is an MSI laptop, AMD processor, AMD AM70 FCH chipset.

The OP probably has all the CPU power saving options disabled in the BIOS on his laptop. He is also probably using a High Performance Windows Power Plan, and not just using battery power. Actually, his result is exceptional for a laptop…

His laptop is an Intel CPU/chipset PC. Intel SATA chipsets are known to be faster than AMD SATA chipsets, sorry to say. The SATA driver also makes some difference, any idea what SATA driver is installed?

95% of laptops are not high performance PCs, they are designed with power saving as the main priority, performance is secondary.  Your result is really not bad at all, the sequential read speed is low, which is unusual. If you had any other programs running while you ran the benchmark, or the PC was doing other work, that will reduce the benchmark results.

All PCs, even desktops, are different in performance. Many things make a difference, from the OS you use to your hardware.