testing 8GB clip

I just got my new clip. Changed earphones to sony EX85 and sennheiser HD 595 will need headamp i think.

-upgraded firware to *.32

-copying files in  MTP and MSC mode flac etc everything works

-files tagged with foobar are working
Just one question does battery needs special treatment on the beginning (full charge cycles)?

Message Edited by intakto on 03-28-2009 01:32 PM

Nope, it’s a lithium polymer battery.  Incredible energy density for its size.  The best way to treat it this type of battery is like a car battery: simply top it off and keep it charged.

Unlike a nickel-cadmium battery (old school), the LiPo has no memory, requiring regular discharges.

But, just like a car battery, where the lead-acid cells will suffer sulfation if left discharged (ruining the battery), the LiPo cannot be discharged below a minimum threshold, or the battery cannot be recovered.  To protect against this, the Clip automatically powers down before this minimum.

Simply charge your Sansa regularly, and you’ll be fine.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: