Test card for error

Is there a special “Test Card” utility for Sandisk ?

Looking for error, find speed

I have a new 132 GB I can’t save files to.SD kort alene

Hi @stonefox,

In order to check speed of your memory card we recommend you to please use below software to make a general assessment of your testing.

To download the software, please refer to below link:

Windows: CrystalDiskMark
Mac: BlackMagic utility

• Run the file and Install the software by following the installation wizard.
• Once the software is installed, please locate the “CrystalDiskMark Application” icon on the desktop
• Double click the icon and then select the SanDisk memory card in the Device box.
• Run the speed check read & write speed.
• Once this process will complete, share screenshot of test results with us on support@sandisk.com

Hope it helps!!