Does anybody know of a set of instructions for Teardown on the Connect? I droped it and it still works but the issue now is that the volume buttons have come out of position, I need to open it up to get them back in place.

here is a disassembled post on ABI

Found that and it works. Now for the Million Dolar Question, Where can I get a new battery. I got a second one from a Friend at $10. It needs a new battery, switiching them out should be no problem.

Also it needs a Firmware update (It was never done) is that still around some where?

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firmware update should be automatic over wifi when you get it up and running or you could use the recovery tool it will install the latest firmware. i would try ebay for one with a broken screen or otherwise dead for the battery. 

Im a little out of the loop on the connect, Mine has always worked fine and is up to date but I dont have any of the recovery utilitys. Where do I get that? And Can you post the name (You know the numbers) for the latest firmware? I would compare but Mine is not with me.

sansa connect recovery tool

not sure of the version numbers i sold my connect a long time ago

i just did a recovery yesterday…



Boot loader: 24655