Taken captive by I-Tunes? How do I direct Overdrive to write to SanDisk?

I have a Sandisk Clip and have been using it for years to download MP3 and WMA books from our library using Overdrive. However, now when I try to transfer a book from my PC Overdrive program it automaticlly downloads to my ITunes account rather than my Sandisk. The Sandisk is attached and I can see it when I go to the My Computer image. When I go to overdrive and start Transfer there is no active button to search or select where I want to transfer the files. It automatically sends it to my ITunes account. The help page says go to “Advanced” and you can browse from there. But I see no “Advanced” selection on the Overdrive folder. Any help? 



i think in that case you should contact the support of apple for itunes or overdrive to see how you can change the settings of the softwares to choose the destination folder