Tag s for mp3 to appear as Podcast?

THis is probably a generic question but: I am using Juice and Allways Sync to get podcasts on to my clip.  It works pretty well, except that I see two Genres that say Podcast, with some podcasts in either.  And some podcasts aren’t there at all, though they are in the song list.

The question is: what must the mp3 tags look like in order for the Clip to group it in the Podcast genre?  I can just run a program post-download to set the tags, but I can’t figure out what to make them!

I run MediaMonkey, check the tags and make sure they are all set as Podcast, changing them if necessary. Then I add each podcast to a Podcast playlist I’ve created on MediaMonkey, removing from the playlist any podcasts I’ve listened to since my last sync. I then use MediaMonkey to sync the playlist to my Clip. Any podcasts that were removed from the playlist are deleted from the Clip in this process, and all remaining podcasts appear on the Clip in both the Podcast Playlist and the Podcast Genre. I haven’t seen a second Podcast genre using this method.

A really nice feature of MediaMonkey that I discovered yesterday is its ability to convert audio formats quickly and easily. Many podcasts are delivered with high bit rates, taking up a lot of space on the Clip. To me a high bit rate is unnecessary in a spoken-work podcast. So I converted some 128+ kbps podcasts to 64 kbps before syncing. Cuts the file size in half while sacrificing little in audio quality.

Hope this helps.

edit: corrected typo

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