Tag Issue With Audiobooks

I am trying to use my new Clip Zip to listen to an audiobook I ripped from cd.  I finally figured out that I needed to add tags to get the disks and tracks to play in the proper order.  The manual was NO help,  This is my first experience with tags and I don’t foresee the need to become a master tagger, (too few brain cells/too little time anyway).

My problem is this:  When listening to the audiobook, the screen only shows the contents of the title tag, no matter which track is playing.  Looking at the list of tracks also only shows the title info over and over again. When I power off and return, the player doesn’t return me to the track where I stopped, but, if  I can find the correct track, it does allow me to resume in the right spot within that track.

Is there a way to format the tag for the title so it reflects the track number AND title?

I am using MP3TAG, but frankly it’s instructions are confusing, like I said, too few brain cells…

Look at the convert feature of mp3tag. I assume that the track number is contained in the file name . Select all files, then use the convert filename -tag function so that the title tag will include the track number. How to set this up depends on the format of the file names. If you let us know what the file names look like, we can help you figure this out.

Or simply add the Track# to the beginning of the title in MP3Tag. Of course, this would need to be down one at a time, but it’s a very easy edit.

Just remember to hit the SAVE icon before exiting. And it also works better to make these changes with the files on your computer, then transfer over to the player.

If it were only this audiobook I’d have no qualms about the solution you suggest, however I foresee doing this with other books I have ripped.  For this book alone, there are 13 disks, each containing as many as 20 tracks.  It just seems like there should be an easier way.

Thanks for the suggestion tho!

Thanks for the reply.

My filenames are like this: 

                                            Side Jobs Disk 01 Track  (1)

Funny, but:  the audiobooks I have usually have tracks that are titled (in both the filenames and in the ID3 tags track field) to begin with, when I get them, “Part 001 of 125,” etc.  Note that, if your file filenames already have identifying info. like this and it’s simply a matter of getting the ID3 tags to reflect this, MP3Tag, a tag editor, has an easy function that will take the filename info. and put it into the track tag field, doing all the files at once --no need to go 1-by-1–with a single button press. 

I do miss, in the Clip Zip, the track number indicator that shows on the top of the Clip/Clip+ screen, showing the current track no./folder total tracks no. (e.g. 1/125).  I’m hoping that this makes its way back in a future firmware upgrade (and that others feel similarly, and will let SanDisk know–it listens!).