Tablet Use - Thrive

Trying to use this on a Toshiba Thrive (Android 3.2.1). It will not recognize the SD Card or the tablets files?

Please detail the exact steps of what is not working. What files do you not see on the card and/or in internal memory?

I just booted up the tablet and the opened up the app. A small window appears at the top of the screen “indexing content” for a moment.  After that under Memory Resources it is only listing my dropbox account. So It  appears that it is not seeing or recognizing the Internal memory on the device or the memory card.  On my Droid 2 Global on the same screen it lists all three:

Internal Memory, Memory Card, and Dropbox.  So currently on my tablet I do not know how to get to the SD through the application or to have it recognized.  Let me know if I can provide any additional detail and I appreciate your assistance.

Just downloaded the most recent update and it know currently works on my Thrive just as it does on my phone. scrolling left to right is a little slow, but this is a beta.

 Is anyone aware of way to view the files sorted by the folders they are in, or are all the files on the SD card blended into one by the header. I have hundreds of pdf’s sorted into various folders and makes it harder to find them in this view.  I would also love to see a thumbnail view for PDF’s. 

I appreciate the quick update and happy to have it working now!

I tried to use Memory Zone on a Toshiba Thrive with SD card.

I am getting the message "Failed to read the backup information.  Next Backup %1$s on %2$s"

Anyone got any ideas?



I’m having exactly the same problem on a Toshiba AT300se. The app. sees both internal memory and SD card but when I try to do a backup, I get exactly the same message. Is the problem with Toshiba or Sandisk?