Systems won't power up when SSD is attached

I have never seen this happen before.

SSD in my laptop- one day the laptop quits powering on. Test and test, even pull the memory and try it, won’t even POST. No  activity, nothing, like it’s getting no power. Must be a dead motherboard, I’m thinking.

Pull the SSD and attach it to my desktop with my external SATA reader, can’t even see the drive. Huh, could the SATA reader have a bad cable? I switch all its cables, no change.  Well, no problem, I can just add it as an extra drive directly.

I shut down the desktop and hook the SSD in as a third drive in my system, directly. Try to boot, won’t even power up. Literally  like it’s unplugged. Same thing the laptop had been doing.

So, I disconnect the SSD. Have to completely drain and power cycle the desktop system for 30 seconds to get it to power up again. I let it boot, then attach the SSD while it’s up. The power cuts the instant the data cable is connected.

I’m resigned to the idea that the data is lost, but I’ve never heard of this happening.  Got any feedback? I have been doing computer hardware for 10 years now, and I’ve never seen or heard of a hard drive or SSD having an immediate effect on the power of the system like this.

Any theories or help would be appreciated.


One correction- it’s the moment that the power cable is connected, not the data cable.


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I have never seen a drive HDD or SSD do that either. It seems your tests show the behaviour is consistent. I would contact sandisk for warranty replacement. 

Hello… I have a similar problem… When power up my pc with sdd usb keyboard does not work… When power off, we disconnect the power cable from sdd, power up pc, keybord works… Shutdown pc, connect power cable to sdd, power up pc… All works… WTF?

Any solution to this?
I have the same issue. When the SSD is connected to the power supply the PC will not power up, it’s like there is a short in the drive, when I disconnect the SSD, the PC powers on. My SSD is brand new.

I also had that problem when my 500GB Extreme Portable SSD was attached to my Panasonic Toughbook CF-19. But even after I removed the SSD safely, the computer refused to boot, and it still hasn’t done so… Did the SSD cause a power drain that resulted in a disabling/damaging power drain? Or if it is only temporary, how can I get rid of this lingering effect? I need my computer back. Any suggestions?

How do you completely drain and power cycle a computer? Do you have to take the battery out? Unplug power cord? Having similar issues, can’t get my computer to start booting again. Can you help?