.system error extracting libraries failed.

The updater was on my computer and just stoped working for no reason When I goto run the updater I recieve this message . Error .system error extracting libraries failed.

I have uninstalled and tried to reinstall the program with no luck.How can I fix this.

Also I have no issues with the media converter.


An antivirus or firewall program may be interfering. Get off the internet, turn off the antivirus and try again. Don’t forget to turn it on again before you go online.

Or, forget about the updater and uninstall it. 

There’s only an update once every few months, if that. Just check in here and do it manually. It’s wasting your time to have the computer run the updater at every startup and phone home every time you connect. 

Message Edited by Black-Rectangle on 02-28-2010 07:22 AM