Syncronize to continue your music subscription redux

After formatting the sansa clip i am able to load and play 2  overdrive audio chapters only. Then I get the message “syncronize to continue your music subscription.”  Then I must re format and reload files to listen to  the next 2 tracks.  This is ok when close to a computer, but if one were traveling it would be nice to load it to capacity.  Please advise.


what firmware version do you have, and which mode are you in?

If you do not have the latest firmware (version .18), update to it and see if that helps; see the sticky above for the firmware and instructions.

For overdrive contents, you are limited to only 10 files per account so until those files are expired, you won’t be able to transfer any more on the device.  Check to make sure those files are still valid for use.

So the firmware is the latest .18. The files were not expired and i only had 5 on the cliP(one book’s worth)   I think it needs to be addressed in the next firmware upgrade.


To make it clearer.  I first formatted the clip, then I loaded 5 overdrive audio clips(one book’s worth) onto the clip.  These files would not expire for 21 days(the time set by the library).  Only 2 files played.  The third file comes up  “syncronize to continue your music subsription”.  I then reformatted the clip to listen to files 3 and 4.  In order to listen to file number 5 I have to reformat for the third time.  


someday i gonna try boox from library, i wanna make sure you get this fixed

I think the important question is what mode was the clip in when you transferred the book.

The overdrive book will only work correctly if the clip was in MTP, not MSC.

When I transferred a book using MSC, I got the same message you did. When I finally got my computer to recognize the clip when it was in MTP, the book transferred correctly - no more message about synchronize…

I have my Clip with the latest firmware and I use Media Console to transfer my files onto the device and it worked fine.  I don’t know why yours did not.  The only issue that I have with the audiobooks from overdrive is it does not put the files in the Audiobook category and I have to search for it under Music.  Beside this, everything works fine for me.  I have books that are divided into 8 parts and I was able to download all 8 and playback so unless you do something wrong or your computer does not meet the minimum specs then I won’t be able to tell.  If possible, provide more details and your computer specs so that others can probably figure out something and help you with.

Where can I find firmware version  (.18)? What I saw and downloaded from the SanDisk Firmware Updater website is version (1.082). It did not solve my failure-to-synchronize problem.

What do you mean by using media console? What exactly did you do to get the files to your device?

IKCPower, see the sticky thread up above as to firmware upgrades.

Use the sticky above… It tells you where to get .18a firmware…

Use the OverDrive Media Console Software to transfer your files to the Clip.  Its free at

Thank you.  I was in msc mode. I just switched to mtp mode and it looks as if this is going to work.  The clip played the third file without problem